Top 5 Alpha Male Qualities That Attract Women

Published: 15th June 2010
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I believe every man alive has seen the Alpha male that seems as if they can do no wrong as far as women are concerned. They are not necessarily the most handsome men in the room, or the richest or even the men whose family, accomplishments or power draw attention. However, women seem to hover around these men like flies and it is a rare woman who resists these men. Did you know they all share the top 5 personality traits that attract women? Let us talk about those top 5 alpha male qualities that attract women:

1. You have heard it before and you will hear it again, confidence attracts women. Confidence is not self-centered egotism but a belief in themselves and their abilities. Confident men walk with a certain stride, not a swagger and most definitely not a creep, they walk across a room as if they own it, but at the same time, they display courtesy. Bullies are rarely confident and you will not find women swarming around them but men who are sure of themselves attract women. Even if you are naturally shy, with practice, this can become one of your personality traits.

2. Empathy is attractive to women. That does not mean crying at girl movies, but the ability to empathize, and to feel for others is attractive to women. Men who display empathy tends to attract women while those who are unable or unwilling to express those qualities, lose out. Believe it or not this is one of the top 5 alpha male qualities that attract women.

3. Humor is something that women find attractive and when asked they will describe the ideal man as "fun, funny, able to laugh". It does not necessarily mean they are looking for a comedian but a man who has a sense of humor is always more attractive to women.

4. "Honest is the best policy" is not a truism. Women are attracted to men who are honest with them. No, that does not mean answering "do these pants make me look fat" questions that is a no win situation. There is a difference between honesty and tactlessness. However, lying is never attractive to women and all too many are very good at catching men at it. Honest men attract women.

5. Men who are engaged in life are attractive. They do not have the same goals, these alpha males, but every one of them has a passion and drive that sets them apart. They have a mission, be it to become the best software engineer ever or the president of the US or the head accountant in their firm. These are Alpha males with a goal and women find them very attractive.

Those are the top 5 Alpha male qualities that attract women and they don't depend on good looks, or a fat bank balance or fame. Though being rich does not hurt when it comes to getting women however, it is the personality traits that make the man irresistible to women


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